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“Where Music Meets Early Childhood Education”

At Allegro Musical Daycare, we harmonize the world of early childhood education with the enchanting realms of music.

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The Power of Early Musical Stimulation for Your Child's Future

Are you a parent seeking to give your child the best possible start in life? Look no further than the incredible benefits of early musical stimulation! Research has shown time and time again that introducing your child to the world of music at a young age can have a profound and lasting impact on their development.

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You can start and finish one of these
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You can start and finish one of these
popular courses in under a day

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We Have Music Every Day!

At Allegro Musical Daycare, we offer a diverse and enriching curriculum that encompasses five distinct areas of instruction (an area for each day).

Hand Bells Ensambles

Hand Bells

Here, children embark on a musical journey where they learn to read music through a unique and engaging method that involves associating and recognizing colors. Hand Bells not only introduce them to the world of musical notation but also enhance their cognitive skills.

Drums Ensamble

Percussion Ensemble

Our Percussion Ensemble allows children to experience the thrill of playing real percussion instruments, not mere toys. They create delightful rhythms using familiar children’s songs as their melodic foundation. This fosters a deep appreciation for rhythm and teamwork.



In our Piano lessons, children develop fine motor skills as they embark on the journey of playing piano notes. This foundational skill not only introduces them to the beauty of piano music but also enhances their coordination and cognitive abilities.

Allegro Infants Orquestra

Allegro Infant Orchestra

This unique program brings children together to collectively play the violin using the pizzicato technique. The Allegro Mini Orchestra not only introduces them to the world of string instruments but also encourages teamwork and musical expression.



As a bilingual institution, we inspire children to sing songs in both English and Spanish. Our vocal training program not only develops their vocal abilities but also promotes cultural appreciation and language skills.


We believe

At Allegro Musical Daycare, we believe in providing a well-rounded musical education that stimulates cognitive, social, and creative development. Each of these five areas of instruction is carefully designed to offer a holistic learning experience that empowers children to explore their musical potential and build a strong foundation for a lifelong love of music.”

What kids parents say about us

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. Our goal is to respond to the call of creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow

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